YES or NO tarot. -100% accurate

This Yes or no tarot is one of the most complete you will find on the internet. It won´t limit answering yes or no, but it will tell you if there is any chance that the result is positive or not.

You will not always get a positive result, sometimes the outcome will not be to your liking. We are characterized by sincerity and we do not like to deceive people with lies.

Just think a question to the yes or no oracle, and the card that you choose will answer you with “yes”, “no”, or FULL ANSWERS depending on the situation you pose. Our tarot will respond wisely so you can make an accurate decision and find the answer to your questions.

You must think of a question that is answered with a yes, no, or similars and click the Button. You can use it many times for all your questions. To get longer, clear and concise answers about your worries about your life, you can consult other tarots on this website.

This VIP reading will be ideal for moments that you have doubts; When you do not know very well which option to choose, or how to deal with a problem or what to decide in certain cases. It will be a valuable guide for you.

To delve into the questions you ask the yes or no tarot, we want to offer you a free marseille tarot reading, so you know all the details and respond to the future of your life in depth. You will have to choose the cards and you will get your reading

Tarot card reading

If the reading was accurate and you enjoyed it, we really appreciate to spread the magic!

This is a very powerful way of clairvoyance, we recommend that you do not ask any sensitive questions for your life because it could suggest to you wrong. Sometimes it is not convenient to know certain aspects that may sadden you too much.

It is not advisable to use this psychic medium to ask questions about gambling, since the cartomancy tries to find answers to your life, not to gain profit in an unfair way by predicting the future.

We recomend you to use this yes or no tarot in subjects related of your life like love, money, health, work and others. But as we said before; you will only get answers about your probabilities in each case, to get detailed and reliable answers is better to use our oracles and tarot cards so that you have an answer to any question of your life.

Is Yes no tarot accurated?

Yes, through the centuries, the art of tarot has evolved to become very predictive like if it was a genie with a crystal ball. Each card can have a positive, neutral or negative meaning. The answer may be “yes, no, or maybe”. you will have to be the one who interprets beyond the result knowing your circumstances. For example the card The Wheel or the Ace of Swords are positive while the Tower negative

tarot yes or no accurate

How to do yes no tarot spread

Simply choose a card and receive an answer.

yes and no tarot

Does yes no tarot work

Yes as superficial guide to get predictions. Is advisable to contrast the readeing with other tarots to go deeper beyond the YES or NO. Also you can use our free spells that work instantly

How the Tarot Yes or No works?

  1. If you receive an answer 2 times YES, the answer is flatly affirmative.
  2. If you receive an answer 2 times NO, the answer will be completely negative.
  3. If you receive an answer “NEVER”, it is an absolute NO.
  4. If you receive an answer “MAYBE” we recommend another roll yes or no
  5. If the reading yes and no responds 3 times more YES, the reading answers YES absolutely, and if it says NO 3 times, the answer will be very negative.