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We bring you your Tarot card reading now that we enter new period and season. It is essential that you consult your tarot to obtain predictions since in these dates of changes there will be many news.

After the full moon we are charged with energy and positivism to face problems and return to personal goals and challenges. Some secrets may come to light, both good and bad.

Silence and concentration are recommended when making your reading, since if you are uneasy you could misinterpret your query or the result may be altered by choosing your cards too quickly. Take it easy but let your intuition guide your fingers. Next, Choose your cards

This tarot has 21 major arcana that will predict the most important aspects of your life, the most profound.  This deck is said to have been used by French kings to predict their future and it was forbidden for lower class people due to the power of predictions.

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Find out if the tarot cards have a good destiny for you or not. If you want to create a more relaxing and spiritual environment, light a candle or incense. On this website you will be able to consult a multitude of specific tarots to deepen more about each topic, here are some:

Use our yes or no tarot when you need to make difficult decisions and need some kind of guidance or support.

yes or no tarot

Use our love tarot when you have doubts about your love life, whether you have a partner or are single. If you want to know if someone really loves you; if it will be an eternal love, if there will be a breakup, if there will be a wedding or will you have children, this is your ideal card spread.

Love tarot

Use our tarot of Angels choosing your card. The angels are constantly sending you signals and you must know how to interpret them, because they can go unnoticed by you when you relax. Signs like seeing a feather on the street, hearing a bell, a pleasant fragrance when you are at home, consult this tarot.

The origins of the tarot is about 3000 B.C, it was created by the egyptians. Also, it was used by the Celtics culture, gypsies, medial times on europe.

The cards connect with you and represent visible signals of your life. The cards will tell you about differents aspects of your life, such as finances, work, love, health, or whatever we ask to them.

Tarot card reading, choose a card and see the reveal

Then, we offer you several free tarot cards; which can serve as a guide to know this wonderful tool that is the tarot to reveal aspects of your life.

In this web we offer you a great variety of free tarot card reading on the internet; these cards are based on the tarot ryder waite and the major arcana, which are the 22 most important cards of any tarot deck. The universe has a destiny for you to write it with the help of tarot and your personal growth.

The tarot is constituted in two categories that are called “Major Arcana” and “Minor Arcana”, each with its particularities. But the most important part is the interpretation by the tarotist or the psychic.

The tarot card reading of free tarot cards within cartomancy; in general, demands from the fortune teller certain aptitudes and attitudes (whether acquired from birth or adopted through study) that allow him to unravel what is unknown to the consultant. Intuition is one of the main skills that must accompany the expert.

Use this reading under your responsability, the interpretations that you may receive are just interpretations, not always are accurated 100%

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