Runic tarot

The viking runes are considered the alphabet and sound of the old gods, the sound of their voices. A few signs that clearly and accurately the ancient Germans and Vikings engraved on their stone monuments. Also it was used as esoteric way to read the future. Now you can perform your rune reading.

There are several types of card of runes at your disposal so you can make your query. Each rune carries a card of runic alphabet and comes from the Nordic cultures, being used like method of divination for thousands of years. The runic symbols were engraved in megaliths or large stones as a sign of entry to a protected door, where dark forces could not cross.

Before proceeding to extract the cards, concentrate because it require clarity and precision to be able to provide a coherent answer. Clear your surroundings and concentrate well on your concerns and do not ask questions whose answer is limited to yes or no and discover the message that will help you to continue on the right way.

Runic tarot

Extracting the cards will allow you to identify the evolution that is to come immediately. We know that you are going to live today will be the result of the way followed in the past. Therefore, it is important to know precisely what are the influences of your immediate future. In the end you will know where you are going and you will understand the consequences of the actions of the last days.

You must choose 3 from the range of 24 runes represented in cards, they represent finally the conclusion. Keep in mind that the meanings are concrete, but not definitive. In divination there is nothing definitive.

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