Prayer to our Guardian Angel to ward off negative energies

Prayer to our Guardian Angel:

Guardian angel of my spirit and my soul, Divine being that God assigned me as a faithful companion here on earth, please protect me from the evil of the dark, and help me find the right path to achieve good and abundance for me and my loved ones.

Guardian Angel of my spirit, you who watch over us and are always there, save me from deceptions and bad energies. Help me to know the truth, and always to live in it.

Angel, guardian of my spirit, who praises Jesus Christ, opens the paths of true love, health and prosperity. Do not let hardship or illness happen.

Angel of my spirit, as Son of God, who sacrificed his life for love of us, stay with me at night so that he does not fear the darkness. Do not lose sight of me during the day to receive more divine light.

Prayer to our Guardian Angel

Angel guardian, thank you for having protected me so many times. Thank you for making me create a family. I know that with you by my side, nothing can happen to me. By the power that God has given you, I command you to help me in difficult times and bring me hope, you who are so close to the almighty

I thank you, my heavenly friend, for your vigilant care towards me and my loved ones. At the moment of my death, take me to heaven, where the only true God, who is light, truth and love, lives and reigns for ever and ever.


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