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Today you will be able to use the free, most mystical and ancient Egyptian tarot in history, an oracle of divination full of wisdom and magic, which all together creates the most mystical and divinatory tarot as never before has existed in this area.

This tarot cards was used only by pharaohs, who forbade the entire population to use it because they were afraid that the people had the power of prediction. The pharaohs had the best magicians who knew how to read the cards and guess the future with great precision; so that they could improve their lives.

Get the free Egyptian tarot today

Peace of mind is recommended when choosing your 3 cards. Because it depends on whether your reading is more accurate or not, if you choose without thinking or visualizing the result, will be less. Be in an environment without noise, without discomfort, and think of all those questions you are looking for answers

Now, just choose 3 cards and click on the ones you choose to get your query

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Your reading of cards deals with aspects in the present and in the future mainly, but if necessary analyze your past in a superficial way to better understand everything. It will offer you your future in aspects such as money, health, for love, friends or job.

The most ancient cartomancy

Being this spread one of the oldest in the world, over the centuries it has been able to evolve to achieve enormous precision to make its online predictions, using the Egyptian gods and pharaohs in the cards instead of the classic arcane tarot or the rider waite.

The meaning of the egyptian tarot are full of mystery and beauty. It shows a lot of impressive illustrations with a list of cards that makes you enjoy all the egyptian culture:

  • Pharaons
  • Egyptian gods and powerful goddess
  • Famous egyptian fortune tellers
    Strange hieroglyphs full of hidden meaning for you

Egyptian cartomancy

The reason for your revelations is to get answers to questions you had been asking yourself for a while. Do not hesitate to throw your free Egyptian tarot one or as many times as you need, and if you want more precision use our other esoteric services that you can find on our website

This oracle is perfect to get answer if you have questions like:

  • What temptations should I remove from my life?
  • Which thing should I do as often as possible in order to feel more alive?
  • What steps should I take in order to improve my life?
  • Which is the one mistake I should never make again?
  • What is my most possible valuable quality?
  • What should I do first in my life?
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