Celtic tarot

Today september 22 you will receive a tarot reading with fairy cards. The Celtic Tarot is undoubtedly one of the most mystical and fantastic of the Tarots.

This Tarot is not the most common, despite its level of accuracy, due to its complexity when interpreting the cards. Although the people who have received a reading of this one admit a superior satisfaction in the results that with gypsy tarot, Egyptian or others similar decks.

Now focus on the questions that you want to be resolved,  try to avoid distractions and negative thoughts. Now continue with this tarot reading for today. If you perceive any negative feelings or blocks, the result of your reading could be misinterpreted and not be the desired one. CHOOSE YOUR CARDS NOW

Their interpretation is not easy. We should not think of it as average Tarot like the others, as it is a much more spiritual tarot than the others, so it takes a person with a great spirituality to get the answers they want, and their results are usually , sometimes, quite surprising. It can predict the near future, the future in the medium term and the future more distant, in relation to financial, emotional, professional, sentimental problems ….

Remember that tarot readings change depending on who interprets them, and a single reading can have different meanings. So the results should be taken into account as warnings and not as real events that are going to happen in our lives.

Celtic tarot, the most spiritual reading for us

For this Celtic Tarot card we use only the 22 cards corresponding to the major arcana divided into five basic cycles of Celtic culture: mythological, historical, heroic, oceanic and adventurous. In this way the reading gives us a much more accurate, realistic and impartial view of the current moment in which we find ourselves or the subject we want to know. It’s like having a totally disinterested second opinion. Relating the past to the present will help us to prevent future misfortunes.




Instructions: Concentrate on the problem that you have, and if you want to consult the Celtic Tarot press the button “continue” to see cards and we will show you what the future holds.

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